Volume & Issue: Volume 62, Issue 6, June 2019 
Mapping the Molecular Electrostatic Potential of Fullerene

Pages 991-1002


H. Ezzat; R. Badry; I.S. Yahia; H.Y. Zahran; A. Ibrahim; H. Elhaes; Medhat Ibrahim

Antimicrobial Polypropylene Loaded by Cubic Cuprous Oxide Micro Particles

Pages 1047-1055


Aziza Hussien; Samiha Mahmoud Gawish; Sayeda El-Sayed Mosleh; Ameera Ramadan; Galal Sayed

The Physical Application of Non-destructive Techniques in Detection the Sequence of Intersecting Gel Ink and Printed Laser Toner Strokes

Pages 1069-1091


Samia Ibrahim Shraa; Abdel Aleem Solyman Abo Elmagd; Al-Sayed Aly Bakr; Yasser Mohamed Moustafa; A.A Shabana; Ibrahim Abd El-Aziz