Soret and Dufour effects with Hall currents on peristaltic flow of Casson fluid with heat and mass transfer through non-darcy porous medium inside vertical channel

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1 College of Engineering and Technology, Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Department of Mathematics Faculty of Education Ain Shams University. Cairo, Roxy, Egypt

3 Physics and Engineering Mathematics Department, Faculty of Engineering-Mattaria, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

4 Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport


The peristaltic flow with heat and mass transfer for non-Newtonian fluid through
non- darcy porous medium is investigated. The fluid obeys Casson model and the
effects of Hall currents, Ohmic and viscous dissipations, heat generation and chemical
reaction are taken into account. Problem is mathematically modulated using a system
of partial differential equations describing velocity, temperature and concentration of
the fluid .The non-dimensional partial differential equations are simplified using the
approximations of long wavelength and low Reynolds number. Then this system
subjected to appropriate boundary conditions is solved by using homotopy
perturbation method. The effect of obtained solutions of velocity, temperatures and
concentration as functions of the physical parameters of the problem are discussed
computationally and illustrated graphically. It is shown that the velocity decreased by
increasing of the magnetic field, non –Newtonian parameter, while it increases with
non- darcian parameter and heat generation, also, the tempartial decreases with
increasing of Eckert and Grashoff numbers while it increases with heat generations.
Dufour number and non-direction furthermore, the concentration decreases with
Newtonian and magnetic parameters, while it increases with chemical reaction and
Eckert number.


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