Biodegradable package films of poly(L-Lactic) acid/extracted gelatin blend from white leather fibers

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1 Chemistry of tanning materials and leather technology department, National Research center

2 National Research Centre


In food packaging area, the substantial utilization of synthetic plastics has a huge environmental impact and there is necessitate really for more biodegradable packaging materials. Blending of poly (lactic acid) (PLA) and extracted gelatin (EG) was investigated as prospective replacements for non-degradable petrochemical polymers. EG is a biopolymer extracted from white leather fibers wastes in the leather industry after alkaline hydrolysis. Both polymers need modification for food packaging requirements. PLA films are very brittle and gelatin is sensitive to water and the properties of its films are reliant on the moisture content with low mechanical strength. An investigation on the blending of PLA and EG films gives better properties more suitable for packaging depending on their paired characteristics. The resulting biodegradable films were characterized using by FTIR, SEM, TGA/DTA, and simulated soil burial respirometric testing. The properties of some characteristics of PLA and EG blends in terms of mechanical and thermal properties have been discussed as biodegradable packaging films. It was found that the addition of 30 wt % of EG offering blended films with good thermal processability, transparency and flexibility, as well as films with good mechanical.


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