Volume & Issue: Volume 63, Issue 12, December 2020 
GC/MS Analysis of Lipid Constituents and Antimicrobial Activity of Arum cyrinaicum Extracts

Pages 4889-4910


Aziza H. Zargoun; Abdelhafeez M. A. Mohammed; Khaled A. Abdelshafeek; Abdalla A Ibansharrada; Abdulaziz Ali Alomari

Diterpenoids Profile of E. paralias and E. geniculata Using UPLC-ESI/MS Spectrometry

Pages 5039-5053


Afaf Said Ghani; sayed abdelhamid eltomy; Wagdi Ibrahim eldougdoug; hanaa mohamed hassan; Wafaa Hassan Badr

Production of Pure Biofuel and Some Chemicals From Waste Soap Stock

Pages 5137-5144


Eslam Al Amrousi; salwa Abdallah El - Khatib; Fawzi Al Amrousi; Eman Fawzi Al-Amrousi

Sulfonamides: Synthesis and the recent applications in Medicinal Chemistry

Pages 5289-5327


Mohamed El-Gaby; Yousry A. Ammar; Mohamed I. H. El-Qaliei; Ahmed M. ali; Modather F. Hussein; Faraghally A. Faraghally