Author = Hayder M. Abduljalil
Comparative Adsorption Calculations for Carbon Mono-Oxide and Hydro Cyanide Gas Molecules Interaction with Graphene Material Using Density Function Theory

Volume 65, Issue 131, December 2022, Pages 385-391


Hussein A. Madlol; Jasim M. Salman; Ayat A. Yosif; Hayder Mohammed abduljalil; Eman Ahmed; Halah T. Mohammed; Mohammed A. Al-Seady

Effect of metal ad-atoms on the structural, electrical, and optical properties of boron-nitride nanostructures towards optoelectronics: a DFT based study

Volume 65, Issue 131, December 2022, Pages 745-752


Qasim Shakir Kadhim; Rabab Saadoon Abdoon; Halla T. Mohammed; Ahmed S. Abbas; Mohammed A. Al-Seady; Gergely Nagy; Hayder M. Abduljalil; Noor Al-Huda Saleh; Mousumi Upadhyay Kahaly

Investigation Ability of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes to Detection Toxic Gases Utilizing DFT Calculations

Volume 65, Issue 6, June 2022, Pages 89-98


Rajaa K. Mohammad; Shaymaa Hussein Nowfal; Mohammed A. Al-Seady; Hayder M. Abduljalild

Structural and Vibrational Properties of ZnSe Nanostructures: A DFT/TDDFT Study

Volume 63, Issue 6, June 2020, Pages 2009-2018


Hussein Abed; Mohammed Alsultani; Muder Abdulsattar; Hayder Abduljalil