Evaluation of the Mechanical and Functional Properties of Velvet Fabrics Treated with Fluorocarbon

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1 Faculty of applied arts

2 Textile Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Department,Faculty of Applied Arts,Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

3 Faculty of arts Benha


Velvet fabrics are a type of pile weave structure, representing a significant percentage of the total upholstery fabric consumption. It is not only a famous in upholstery fabric but also is gaining importance in other textile end uses. The main idea of this research, depending on producing two warp pile fabrics with two different structures (1/2 V & 3/6 W) which used in upholstered furniture application and treated with fluorocarbon finishing agent to improve its properties to meet the functional purpose it is produced for. The results show that the warp pile structure and finishing treatment have a significantly affected on the mechanical and functional properties of produced fabrics, as tensile strength, air permeability, abrasion resistance, contact angle and water repellent. Addition to the results showed that the functional properties were durable even after 10 laundering cycles.


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