Eco-Friendly Technique for Invertase Immobilization and Oligosaccharide Synthesis at Low Temperature

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Chemistry of Natural & Microbial Products Department Pharmaceutical Division El


Eco-friendly technique for invertase immobilization has been created. It is very simple and does not need a preparation of highly pure enzyme or an expensive carrier. The technique relies on mixing pretreated sawdust with baker's yeast in a closed system and comparing it with that in an open system. The technique introduces a practical and new insight into the role of carbon dioxide in modification of sawdust's surface and invertase immobilization. It also provides vital insights on the role of immobilization technique on the stability and activity of the enzyme. The storage stability of the immobilized invertase retained 93% of its activity after storage of 2 years at 4 ºC. Although Invertase has been largely immobilized on different cellulosic materials, but the novelty of this study is the enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharide by cold-adapted invertase at 20 ºC.


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