Augmented Application of Modified Fabrics for Producing Multi-functional Fashionable Apparel Using Khayamiya Heritage

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Ph. D. In Science Associate Prof. of Textile and Apparel Textile and Apparel Department, Faculty of Women for Arts, Science, Education, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


End-uses applications of finished and modified textile materials are divers ranging from basic clothes to technical and industrial ones. Apparel products have multiple functions that started from primary protection, insurance, graceful of fashion to enhancement and sustainability of the quality of life. Application of functionally finished fabrics for intended end uses may be a challenge in the apparel design process that produces a special product with specific requirements. Producing such apparel items integrates and transfers the flat textile material to the fashion design process and the three-dimensional final product. Recently, the essential need oh human to wear has changed with time, due to the new lifestyle, needs, priorities and people's awareness. The aim of this study is applying the multifunctional finished cotton and silk fabrics to produce multifunctional apparel products that integrate the functional apparel design process considering the fashionable and upscale concepts. In addition to emerging of novel trends and technologies in the textile finishing field and different applications. As well as using Egyptian Khayamiya heritage to promote, maintain and develop an effective and traditional handicraft technique.


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