Synthesis of Zinc oxide and Silver/ Zinc oxide Nanocomposite for Production of Antimicrobial Textiles

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1 Chemistry Department, College of Sciences & Art, - Gurayyat. Jouf University, Saudi Arabia

2 Textile Research Division, National Research Centre El- Bohouth St., Dokki, Giza, Egypt, P.O.12622

3 Al Jouf University is located in Al-Jawf, Saudi Arabia.


The zinc oxide nanoparticles were prepared by using Co-precipitation method and synthesis of Ag nanoparticles embedded in zinc oxide based on the reaction of silver nitrate with zinc oxide in one-step, after that these compounds were directly applied on to the 100% cotton woven fabric using a printing paste containing these compounds. These compounds are fixed onto cotton fabrics by dry with a low temperature and then thermo fixed method. The synthetized zinc oxide and / or silver/ zinc oxide were studied to prove its structure using various techniques such as X-ray, AFM analyses, IR spectra, the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) ….etc. Blends mixing calculation indicted the distribution of ZnO through CMC more favorable than Ag. Molecular dynamic simulation demonstrated that H-bond and electrostatic effect between nanoparticle and CMC should be the main driving forces to make nanoparticle molecules be adsorbed on the CMC and have slow-release properties in water or in water environment. Moreover, the antibacterial activity of printed cotton fabrics with, either synthetized zinc oxide and / or silver/ zinc oxide against, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli was evaluated. Docking study was carried out to indicate interaction behavior of sample with DNA grays of microorganism. Docking study showed that, the hydrophilicity of the sample due to presence nanoparticles, which was the circular key for inhibiting microorganism. The novelty of this work was arisen from its ability to fit the requirements of economic feasibility of medical textile.


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