Treatment and Purification of Phosphogypsum

Document Type : Original Article


1 National Research Center

2 Chemical Engineering Department, National Research Center, Giza Egypt.


Production of phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers are still generating pollution problem. The (PG) wasted phosphogypsum by product created through the manufacture consists of many valuable materials to be recovered. For each ton phosphoric acid produced, about 4 – 5 tons (PG) waste was generated. The (PG) waste is generally dumped near the production plants causing contamination of ground water, soil and large extensions of land were occupied by (PG) piles. The present work proposed recovery of (PG) waste after purification, while XRF was used to present its main constituents. Valuable materials such as calcium carbonate can be recovered for soil conditioning by sea water treatment. Sodium sulphate was prepared form (PG) purified too and detected by XRD. SEM and EDAX were used to compare between purified and (PG) waste. Solar thermal energy was used to calcine (PG) waste rocks and minimize electrical energy use successfully.


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