Kinetic Investigations on Dyeing of Different Polyester Fabrics Using Microwave Irradiation

Document Type : Original Article


1 Textile Research Division, National Research Center, 33 Tahrir St., 12311-Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

2 Clothing & Textile Department, Faculty of Home Economics, Menofia University, Egypt


There are several factors affecting physical and mechanical properties of the woven polyester fabrics, from these factors different weave constructions. The goal of this research is to study the effect of using different polyester fabric constructions on dyeing process via microwave irradiation. The resulted change in dye absorption, dyeing time and dyeing temperature were investigated. The fabric characteristics; namely tensile strength, elongation, and color fastness properties were also studied. The percentage dye exhaustion, dye fixation ratio and total dye fixation were evaluated. Dyeing rate constant, half dyeing time, activation energy and dye affinity of the different polyester fabric structures were calculated. The results this investigation proved that use of microwave irradiation brings about improvement in the quality of dyed fabric uniformity and color fastness properties. The woven polyester fabrics dyed with disperse dye and subjected to microwave irradiation for 50 min. at 100°C at different dye concentration increased dye concentration, and consequently enhanced the color strength for all the dyed samples. Fabric cover factor has significant effect on fabric strength as compared with other dependent variables.


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