Investigate the Adsorption Mechanism of Heavy Metals as Chromium Ions (Cr+3) from Different Solutions Using Modified Chitosan

Document Type : Original Article


1 Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Naser City, Egypt.

2 Central Laboratories of the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority, Cairo 12622, Egypt.


The objective of this study is to assess the removal of Cr (III) ions onto modified chitosan-starch from aqueous solutions under both acidic and basic conditions. The effect of various parameters has been investigated via batch adsorption technique. Such parameters include initial concentration of adsorbate, agitation time, adsorbent dosage, chemical kinetics, and influence of temperature. The experimental data was fit well to Frendlich adsorption isotherm. The thermodynamic parameters such as ΔH, ΔS and ΔG were calculated, indicating that the adsorption was spontaneous and endothermic in nature.


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