Preparation, Characterization, and Utilization of the Suspended-Keratin Based Binder in Pigment Printing of Man-Made Fibres

Document Type : Original Article


1 Proteinic and Man-made Fibres Department, National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

2 Dyeing, Printing and Textile Auxiliaries Department, National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

3 College of Women for Arts, Science and Education, Ain Shams University, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


Suspended keratin-based binder (Su-KBB) was prepared from renewable cheap natural resources; namely, coarse Egyptian wool fleece or feather to replace the commercially used synthetic binders required for pigment printing technique. Most of the commercially used binders are relatively expensive, environmentally unfriendly and imported from abroad. The said Su-KBB was prepared using safe chemicals, reagents and solvents for extraction of keratin from its natural resources. Chemical, physical, and thermal characteristics of the said binder were assessed and compared with the starting material.

The prepared Su-KBB was utilized as a cheap eco-friendly binder in printing of polyester, poly acrylonitril, viscose as well as polyester/viscose, and polyester/acrylic blends. Different concentrations of Su-KBB were prepared, and different amounts were added in the pigment paste in presence or absence of a cross-linker. The color strength of the printed fabrics and their fastness properties to light, washing, and perspiration n were evaluated. The effect of the used binder on bending stiffness of the printed fabrics was assessed. Results of this study showed that printed fabrics using Su-KBB exhibit almost similar color strength values as the commercial binder (CB). The rubbing fastness of Su-KBB on using cross-linker was acceptable and comparable with that of the CB.


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