Nonwoven Nylon-6 Functional Filters for Protection from Air Pollutants

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1 Proteninic & Manmade Fibers Department, Textile Research Division, National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

2 Proteinic & Man made fibers

3 Environmental Division ,National Research Centre

4 Proteinic and Man Made Fibres ,Textile Research Division ,National Research Centre

5 Preparation and finishing of cellulose fibers department


The present work aims to assess the effectiveness of Nylon-6 nonwoven fabrics containing antimicrobial substance (AS) and grafted with poly methacrylic acid (PMAA), polydimethylaminoethylmerthacrylate (PDMAEMA) and the blended fabric containing the above mentioned two types of nonwoven fabrics for air and gas filtration. The efficiency of the textile filters on the removal of anions and cations pollutants from the atmosphere of the selected indoor sites were studied under the normal conditions in the indoor environment. Air samples were collected before and after fitting the three tested types of textile nonwoven filters. The absorption method was used for collecting the gaseous pollutants, SO2, NO2 and NH3, before and after filtration. The removal efficiency % of each filter was calculated. Nonwoven fabric containing 1:1wt/wt from two types of nonwoven fabrics showed high removal efficiency when applied for the collection of suspended anion and cation particulates.
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