Study of Non-linear Spectroscopic Optical Properties, Electrical Susceptibility and Semiconducting Dependence on Substrate Temperature for ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Radio Frequency Technique

Document Type : Original Article


1 Basic Science Department, Faculty of Industrial Education, Helwan University, Kobry El-Qopa, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Nanotechnology Research Center, The British University in Egypt, El Sherouk City, Suez Desert Road, Cairo 11837.

3 Solid State Electronics Laboratory, Solid State Physics Department, Physical Research Division, National Research Centre (NRC), 33 El Bohouth St., Dokki, Giza, 12622, Egypt.


ZnO thin films which were prepared by radio frequency technique with different substrates temperature were investigated optically. The both of first linear optical susceptibility (χ(1)) and third order non-linear optical susceptibility (χ(3)) were determined. Moreover, other important non-liner optical parameters such as non-linear refractive index and non-linear absorption coefficient βc were determined for these studied samples. The electric susceptibility χc and relative permittivity εr for these samples were calculated optically. Finally, important semiconducting parameters such as density of valence band Nv, density of conduction band Nc, free carrier concentration (Nd-Na), position of Fermi level Ef and surface electric field Es were determined for these studied samples.


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