Antidermatophitic Activity of Essential Oils Obtained from some Marine Plants against Pathogenic Fungi

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Department of Biological Science – Faculty of Science - University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Essential oils are one of the most active components which can be found in medicinal plants. These compounds have high antimicrobial activity against various microorganisms since old time. Here, the aimed of this paper evaluate the antidermatotic and biochemical activity of the essential oil of two species of marine plant leaves (A. marina and S. monoica). Antidermatophytic activity of essential oils of A. marina and S. monoica leaves were evaluated against selected fugus using well-cut diffusion method. M. gallina was the most sensitive for A. marina oil while M. gallinae, M. gypseum and M. canis were the most sensitive for S. monoica oil. Essential oils were further subjected to the determination the anti-scavenging activity and TPC. Essential oil of S. monoica displayed higher activity (81 %), while higher total phenolic content was found with oils of A. marina (1.170 mg/gdw). In addition, we found the best percentage of cytotoxic effect with S. monoica oil (61,3 %).

These results indicated that essential oils of A. marina and S. monoica good antidermatophytic activity with high biochemical properties.


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