Fungicidal and bactericidal activity of some plant extracts

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Department of Pesticide Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, 21545-El-Shatby, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt


Six plant samples were evaluated for their fungicidal activity against A. alternata, F. oxysporum, R. solani and P. infestans and their bactericidal activity on A. tumafaciens, E. amylovora and P. solanscearum.Their crude extracts combination with a standard fungicide and standard bactericide was also studied. Some extracts were tested on fungal polyphenol oxidase (PPO). GC-Mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) identification of an active extract was carried out to stand on the bioactive constituents. The fungicidal effects based on both the extract and the fungus. Fungicidal activity of P. armeniaca was less effective than their original extracts, except its hexane fraction was more effective against F. oxysporum. Mixing the plant extracts with azoxystrobin increased the hyphal growth inhibition diferring according to the treated fungus. Mixing the plant extracts with strptomycin sulfate increased the bacterial growth inhibition diferring according to the treated bacteria. P. armeniaca crude extract affected PPO enzyme of P. infestans and A. alternata in non-systematic arrangement. Crude P. armeniaca (apricot) extract was identified to contain prunacin, mandelonitrile, amygdalin, flavan-3-ol-(4-2)-phloroglucinol, ascorbic acid-2,6-dihexadecan-oate, quercetin-3-glucopyranoside and 2,3 dihydro-quercetrin besides some fatty acid derivatives.


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