Methanol Production from CO2 Emissions: Simulation and Environmental Analysis

Document Type : Review Articles


1 Canal Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology, Egypt.

2 Refining and Petrochemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Suez university, Egypt

3 Mostorod Refinery Plant, Egyptian Refining Company (ERC), Egypt.


It is very exciting to obtain methanol from CO2 emissions as a by-product, especially when this by-product causes world environmental catastrophes and health problems. This paper is organized to present applicable solution for reduction CO2 emissions through converting CO2 emissions of refining plant to methanol by hydrogenation technology. Therefore, Aspen HYSYS simulation program was used for simulation of CO2 capture plant and methanol production plant. The results achieved that 99% of CO2 emissions from refining plant were captured. As well as production of methanol with 99.99% purity of methanol; in addition, that CO2 tones/one tone methanol of our work is less than previous work by 82.3%. Therefore, this paper presented an actual solution for reduction of CO2 emissions and enhancing methanol production.


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