Palladium Nanoarchitectures: Chemistry and Bio-Medicinal Purposes

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National Research Centre, Textile Research and Technology Institute


Metal nanoarchitectures were offered valuable possibilities for targeting drug delivery, diagnosis/detection and bioimaging. However, gold, silver and platinum nanostructures were superiorly applicable in this field, whereas, several hurdles were impeded the wide-scaled applicability of those nano-pharmaceuticals in clinical contexts. Meanwhile, innovative techniques for investigation of alternative metals were recently reported for their potency in medical purposes. Palladium nanoarchitectures are advantageous with superior catalytic and optical activities. But, till now, very few researching reports were taken the advantage of these unique properties for its applicability in the biomedical purpose. The current review is considered with demonstration of the recent reports that considered with studying the applicability of palladium nanoarchitectures in different biomedical purposes. Recently, palladium nanoarchitectures were investigated as photothermal agents, photoacoustic imaging, prodrug activator, biosensing, as and for anti-cancer/anti-microbial therapy. Only with a handful of available researching approaches, the pharmaceutical applicability of palladium nanoarchitectures that are currently reviewed, are in their infancy. Till now their excellent potentiality and toxicity profiles might qualify such nanostructures as future key parameters in the biomedical purposes.


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