A Novel Treatment of Phenolic Wastewater Using Recyclable Rubbery Carrier for Heterogeneous Fenton's Process

Document Type : Original Article


1 Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

2 Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt


Phenol is an extremely hazardous and toxic aromatic compound. Its presence in wastewater endangers human health and the environment as well. The present work employs a novel carrier/catalyst system for heterogeneous Fenton's oxidation of phenol in wastewaters. CuFe2O4 (CuF) was synthesized via a modified sol-gel technique to be the catalyst for Fenton's heterogeneous process. The structural aspects of CuF were investigated using XRD and TEM. CuF was then loaded into NBR carrier employing an open mill rubber processing machine. Oxidation of phenol in synthetic wastewater was carried out in a standard 1L continuous stirred tank reactor. Different operating conditions viz. time, pH, and oxidant concentration, were optimized using Box-Behnken design. H2O2/catalyst (w/w) ratio was varied in the range from 10-20, contact time from 60-90 min and pH from 3 to 5, while initial phenol concentration in aqueous solution was fixed at the level of 300 ppm. Response surface methodology (RSM) plot showed that phenol removal reached 85.4 % as a maximum value at the optimum operating parameters of 4.208, 14.35, and 69.568 for pH, H2O2/catalyst, and contact time respectively.


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