Determination of evaporation and transpiration in irrigation water management using the O-18 Stable Isotope technique

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1 Department of Agriculture Enginering Faculty of agriculture Cairo university

2 Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering Department

3 Soils and Water Research Department, Nuclear Research Centre, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Abou-Zaabal, 13759, Egypt


As a result of water shortage in Egypt a field experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect drought on wheat with different levels of water requirements for irrigation 100%, 80% and 60%. The neutron probe to estimates of absolute soil moisture content. Stable isotopes of oxygen and deuterium were used to Quantifying evaporation and transpiration. The results showed that growth parameters decreased by water levels of irrigation according to the following arrangement 100% > 8% > 60%. Generally, the results indicated that drought was characterized by early maturity, short grain filling period, short plant height and lowest grain yield/plant.


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