Preparation, Characterization and Antibacterial Activities of Metal complexes with Tyrosine Ligands.

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1 department of chemistry, faculty of science, university of Benghazi, Libya

2 Department of chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Tobruk, Tobruk, Libya

3 Department of chemistry, Omar Mukhtar University, Libya


A series of metal complexes of Cd(II), Co(II), and Cu(II), with tyrosine ligand have been prepared. The tyrosine ligand and its metal complexes have been characterized on various physicochemical studies as infrared spectroscopy (IR), , thermal analysis (TGA) , electrical conductivity , and measurement of the melting point of these complexes, The identification of the prepared complexes by I.R gave clear linkage between the ligand and the selected metals , where the bands of M-O, COOH , NH2 , gave interesting values comparing with the free ligand and the complexes. The TGA curves show the main decomposition of complexes, as a major loss attributed to decomposition of the amino acid at THE range 220 oC– 390 oC. The molar ratio which carried out by U.V calculations gave the ratio of 1:1 (Metal : Ligand) linkage.

Their biological activities were investigated by in vitro using spectral of ultraviolet light for molar ratios calculations with items by using the different series of concentrations and Ligand. Study of the effect of complexes prepared on some bacteria ( Escherichia coli and Bacillus Subtitles) has improved, the two types of bacteria with the complexes prepared on each species of microbial laboratory.

Some of the prepared complexes gave anti-bacterial activities on the species of bacteria which used in this study.


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