Rice Husk Ash as a Great Potential Adsorbent in Multi-Purpose Adsorption of Various Pollutants: A Review

Document Type : Review Articles


1 Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education

2 Faculty of Engineering - Technology - Environment, An Giang University

3 Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)


Rice husk ashes are waste materials from the burner and found easily in rice production countries including Vietnam. However, the main application of this material in these countries is as a filler for the land used in agricultural production and the minor part applied in construction. Recently, the rice husk ash and their surface modified styles were interested in adsorption experiments conducted in laboratory scale for the removal of various types of pollutants such as heavy metal ions, nutrient ions, organic compounds. The question is that these sorbents are effectively deployed in the full or large scale. The contents of this article work towards the collection of synthesized methods for the adsorbents production from these natural sources, adsorption characteristics such as the specific surface area, adsorption capacity and the adsorption mechanisms. The results have also shown that the Si-O-H which exists on the surface of rice husk ashes plays an important role or support for the ability of adsorption process of these adsorbents. In particular, the aspects of continuous adsorption are thoroughly exploited as a basis for the conclusion of the application capability of these materials in the actual conditions.


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