Synthesis and Characterization of Nonstoichiometric Cobalt/ CNT Nano Particles for Multifunctional Applications

Document Type : Original Article


1 Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

2 Physics Department, Faculty of Education at Al-Mahweet, Sana'a University, Al-Mahweet Yemen

3 Building Physics and Environment Institute, Housing& Building National Research Center (HBRC), Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

4 Nanotechnology Research Centre (NTRC), The British University in Egypt (BUE), Suez Desert Road, El- Sherouk City, Cairo, 11837, Egypt


The present work aims to synthesize 70% cobalt / 30% multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) nanocomposites with enhanced physical properties. The structural, and magnetic properties of the Co1.5Fe1.5O4/MWCNTs are reported. Structural, morphological properties of the nano composites are characterized by XRD, HR-TEM, Raman, and XPS techniques. XRD and HR-TEM investigations support the development of a single-phase cubic spinel structure of Co1.5Fe1.5O4 confined on the exterior surfaces of MWCNTs. The measurements using a vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) revealed ferrimagnetic nanocomposites. Heavy metal intrusion into the water system is a global environmental problem. Using Co1.5Fe1.5O4/MWCNT nanocomposites, the current study seeks to eliminate trace elements, including copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn). The main advantages of the synthesized samples include their high ad-sorption, amazing recycling efficiency, low cost, and simplicity of separation. Finally, one can conclude that the CNTs/Co1.5Fe1.5O4 are superior to other ad-sorbents in terms of effectiveness, sustainability, and environmental impact.