Cuphea Ignea Extract Relieved the Histological Changes and Activated the NF-ҠB Protein of Female Reproductive Organs and Stomach in EtOHTreated Rats

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1 Department of Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination, Veterinary Research Institute, National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, 12622, Egypt

2 Biochemistry Department, National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, 12622, Egypt.

3 Phytochemistry and Plant Systematics Department, National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, 12622, Egypt.

4 Toxicology and Food contaminants Department, Food Industry and Nutrition Insitute, National Research Center


Alcohol consumption poses adverse effects on humans and animals. There are different sources and several ways to exposure to alcohol toxicity. Approximately, 5.3% of human death have been attributed to alcohol toxicities. The experiment aimed to evaluate the protective effects of C. ignea extract against EtOH toxicities in rats. Histopathological and Immunohistochemical studies were applied to gastric and reproductive organs (ovaries, and uterus) following EtOH treatment. Moreover, the levels of Estradiol, FSH, and LH have been measured in serum samples. Rats were divided into six groups. Control group, EtOH-treated groups (1.5 ml/rat), C. Ignea treated groups (250 and 500 mg/kg BW), C. Ignea 250 + EtOH-treated group, and C. Ignea 500 mg/kg BW + EtOH-treated group. EtOH treatment caused severe negative histopathological events in tested organs. The C. Ignea extract at two tested doses before the dosing with EtOH relieved the histopathological changes in tested organs. Furthermore, immunohistochemically findings exhibited negative NF-ҡB immunoreaction in the tested tissues of EtOH-treated rats. The treatment with C. Ignea extracts for seven days at two mentioned doses before the dosing with EtOH showed NF-ҡB immunoreaction ranging from moderate to strong in the applied tissues. Also, the C. Ignea extract treatment at two tested doses succeeded to mitigate the serum estradiol, FSH, and LH levels in EtOH-treated rats. The C. Ignea plant extract enhances the synthesis of NF-ҡB and protects the rats from EtOH toxicity.


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