An Overview Of Some Enzyme Stabilization Strategies: Advantages And Drawbacks

Document Type : Review Articles


Chemistry of Natural and Microbial products Department, National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.


The use of enzymes as industrial biocatalysts had become a subject of interest. As they play an important role in different industries including food, detergents, textiles, leather, paper, and pharmaceutical industries. However, the practical use of enzymes in the industry may cause denaturation of enzymes by the working conditions such as high temperature, different reaction pH, and the presence of some chemicals. Since the stabilized enzymes are strong and more resistant to environmental changes, great attention was given to enzyme stabilization by different techniques. This review offers an overview of enzyme stabilization using different techniques such as immobilization, chemical modification, and protein engineering. Each technique has its advantages and drawbacks. So, it is so important to find a suitable stabilization technique at the optimum conditions for each enzyme according to the targeted industrial application


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