Chemical reaction and non-Darcian effects on MHD generalized Newtonian nanofluid motion

Document Type : Original Article


Mathematics Department, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


The aim of this paper is to study generalized Newtonian (Carreau) nanofluid flow with heat transfer through a non-Darcy porous medium in the presence of ectromagnetic field and biot number effects. Morever, The heat source, viscous and Ohmic dissipation,and chemical reaction effects are taken into consideration. The system of non linear equations which govern the motion is transformed into ordinary differential equations by using a suitable similarity transformations. These equations are solved by making use of Rung-Kutta-Merson method in a shooting and matching technique. The numerical solutions of the velocity, temperature and nanoparticles concentration are obtained as a functions of the physical parameters of the problem. Moreover the effects of these parameters on these solutions are discussed numerically and depicted graphically. It is found that bothtangential and normal velocities increaseor decease as the Darcy number increases. Morever, the temperature increases as both Forschheimer and Reynolds numbers increase, and both Weissenberg and Biot numbers leads to increase the nanoparticles concentration.