Kinetic Study for some effects on auto-catalyzed oxidation for Serine, Threonine and Tyrosine

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General Directorate of Education in Nineveh , Iraq


In the present investigation. The kinetic of oxidation amino acids (Serine, Thrionine and Tyrosene) by permanganate ion have been studied at different pH (pH=7&pH=9). The study showed that the oxidation rate constant for the non and auto-catalyzed reaction in the two different pH functions increases with the increase in pH. The effect of ionic strength on oxidation rate constants and at both pHs have been studied by using different concentrations of (NaCl). The study showed that the rate constant of non and auto-catalyzed oxidation reaction in both acidic functions increases as the ionic strength of the medium increase. The effect of dielectric constant of the medium was also studied at (pH=7&pH=9) by changing the ratio of the ethanol / water mixture in the reaction medium. The results showed that oxidation rate of non and auto catalyzed reaction increases as the dielectric constant of solvent decrease.


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