Determination lipid peroxidation (MDA) and catalase levels with prostate specific antigen (PSA) level in Iraqi patients suffering from prostate cancer

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Al Rafidain University College, Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques


Background: Prostate cancer (PCa) is a disease that usually happens with old men which is associated with the level of PSA in blood. Objective: the current study is carried out to investigate the level of PSA in prostate cancer patients and compare it with control, also inspect the level of MDA. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted on 75 controls and 155 patints that were previouselydiagnosed with PCa. Blood samples were collected from each individual of the participant (patients and control) to examine PSA, MDA and assays, as well as BMI, Catalase, testosterone, blood group and prolactin were measured in both groups and correlated with age, level of both PSA and MDA. Results: the factors were test according to the protocols to each one for each individual (patients and control) and were compared to reach one of these factors has correlation with prostate cancer and which one has not. The collected data were represented in 7 tables and 3 figures. Conclusions: ten important points are the findings of the current study, among them are; no correlation between blood groups in (AB-, O+, O-) with PCa, significant correlation between blood groups (A-, B-, AB+) with Psa, high level of prolactin is a PCa marker, no significant correlation between Biomass Index and PCa and there is a negative correlation between PSA, MDA with PCa.


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