A novel online-monitoring amplification flow injection analysis - Chemiluminescence for bromate determination in a bottled ozonated mineral water

Document Type : Original Article


1 Chemistry Department, College of Science, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Iraq

2 Medical laboratory techniques Department, Shaqlawa Technical college, Erbil polytechnic university, Erbil, Iraq


To evaluate bromate in ozonated bottled water samples, a rapid and sensitive online monitoring amplification approach combined with the flow injection Chemiluminescence method (OMAFIA-CL). The process comprises two switching valve 6-way to control flow of sample solution containing BrO3- passing through a Cl- -form column to release an equivalent amount of Cl-, which is then passed through a BrO3- -form column, and the released BrO3- is passed back through the first column. The accumulated amount of bromate anion is eluted by a suitable eluent after specific time of amplification. The CL blue light seen after adding (luminal-H2O2) aqueous solution to the on-line Br2 solution generated by mixing NaBr and eluted KBrO3 in the presence of hydrochloric acid. To reduce interferences, Dionex onguard (II Ba/Ag/H) cartridges were utilized. The calibration curve with a concentration range of (5-100 μg. L-1)was linear and techniques limits of detection of (3.9μg L-1). The RSD for (10 and 80 μg L-1, 7 injections) was 1.71 percent and 0.63 percent, respectively. When compared to ion chromatography as a reference method, which is below the standard level. The amplification approach was deemed to be exceptionally successful for ozonized bottled drinking waters containing bromate. The sampling rate is 120 samples per hour.


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