Propolis Harvesting and Extraction

Document Type : Review Articles


Cellulose and Paper Department, National Research Centre, Cairo 12622, Egypt


Propolis is a resin-like material produced by Beehives. Propolis has many vital applications and can be used to make various products. This review paper highlights the methods of propolis harvesting and how to increase its production. Raw propolis has limited uses, so it was essential to understand the methods used to obtain propolis extract. Standard extraction methods are based on the use of a solvent for extraction, and the commonly used solvents are alcohol, water, and glycol, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The solvent extraction method consumes a lot of time, extending for several days, so some modern extraction methods have been used to save time, such as ultrasound-assisted extraction, microwave-assisted extraction, and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.


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