Anticancer Study of Innovative Macrocyclic Formazan Compounds from Trimethoprim Drug

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1 Professor, Department of chemistry, Organic Synthetic Chemistry , Iraq.

2 M.Sc -Student ,Part of Thesis ,Chemistry Department, College of Education for Girls, Iraq.


Innovative Macrocyclic Formazan Compounds were generated and advanced globally for the first time by researcher (Prof. Dr. Nagham Aljamali in April 2019) via more than five steps of reaction with various catalyst like (tri ethyl amine, pipyridine ,…)., Therefore, these compounds considered one of the developed and modern compounds in organic chemistry., These biochemical Compounds were synthesized via many steps of reaction with various catalytic agent such as {(CH3)3N , pi.pyridine ,…}., Hence, these compounds deliberated one of the industrialized and modern compounds which have absence of literatures and researches which clue us to prepare and create a chain of these Modernized compounds and studied by abundant uses in future literatures represented by biological, pharmaceutical , nano , antimicrobial studies, also as anticancer agents, and here in this research. A numeral of applied identical studies have been used to revel their structures which delivered to strong indications of their structures through different methodical routes like Spectra Depiction., other studies represented by physical with chemical belongings., and anticancer study for biochemical compounds through (MTT)-Method was used to conclude cell viability by chromatic inspection (64-70) of types (MCF-7 and MCF- 10 A lines) for compounds [ 9 , 10].


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