A Review of Plasma-assisted Treatments of Textiles for Eco-friendlier Water-less Processing

Document Type : Review Articles


1 Textile Technology Research Institute, National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

2 National Research Centre


The textile and apparel industry represents a multi-billion market with a wide range of innovations. The comfort characteristics of the textiles goods are of prime importance as they are in close contact with human skin to cover the body and protect it from extreme surroundings. In this article review, the current status and the future prospects of utilization of plasma irradiation in the surface modifications of various textile substrates were outlined. The different types of plasma irradiation used in surface modifications in general, and in textile substrate specifically, were compared. Plasma technology applied to textiles is a dry, environmentally and worker-friendly approach for altering the surface properties of various materials without changing their bulk properties. Because most of the textile materials are heat-sensitive polymers atmospheric non-thermal plasma is the most suitable for textile treatment. In this review article we throw the light on the different types of plasma, their surface interaction and applications on natural and synthetic fibers to improve their surface properties. Special emphasis was directed towards surface modifications of polypropylene fibers using plasma technology.


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