Altered Electrochemistry of Tropium Chloride on A Multiwalled Carbon Nanoelectrode: Rapid and Selective Detection in Authentic, Pharmaceutical and Biological Fluids by Square Wave Cathode Voltammetry.

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1 National Organization of Drug Control and Research, Cairo, (Egypt).

2 chemistry, science, Banha university

3 Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Benha University, Egypt

4 Chemistry Department Faculty of science


The voltammetric behavior of Trospium chloride (TRC) was studied using Cyclic (CV) and square wave (SWV) voltammetry. CV showed only one well-defined, irreversible, diffusion-controlled reduction peak using 0.04M Britton-Robinson buffer, PH 8.0 at modified with Mullet wall carbon Nano tube electrode (MWCEP). The peak current concentration relationship was rectilinear a much wider linear dynamic range of TRC determination was found over the range 0.3-2.6 μg/ml at MWCEP, with a minimum detectability of 0.07 μg/ml based on S/N = 3. And hence CV and SWV were conducted for the quantitative determination of (TRO) in its pure and pharmaceutical dosage form. The method was validated and the results were in good agreement with those obtained from the reported method. The Fabricated MWCEP exhibited many outstanding characteristics such as good stability, highly sensitivity, and notable repeatability. The designated sensor was used to determine TRC in biological fluid samples with good recovery. The proposed method was successfully applied for the estimation of TRC drugs in its combined dosage form and in human serum.


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