N-Isopropylacry Amide Nanogel for Surface Treatment of Corroded Copper Ornaments associated on Coptic Linen

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1 gamaa street, faculty of archaeology,conservation department

2 Fayoum - Fayoum University - Faculty of Archaeology - Restoration Department


This paper presents the usage of N-Isopropylacry Amide Nanogel for surface treatment of corroded copper ornaments embroidered to linen artifacts. A novel approach to chemical cleaning was applied for removing tarnishing of copper ornaments, which assosciated to linen fabric. The accelerated aging was performed on Copper/linen coupons , which was accelerated thermally in humidified and acidic condition. Green patina was formed on the coupons, and the physical and chemical properties of both linen and copper were affected. Visual examination, light microscope, SEM, FTIR-ATR analysis, and color measurements were used to study the behavior of copper corrosion and undyed linen fabric through accelerated aging tests. Evaluation the proficiency of the selected material in cleaning and its side effects in the future were discussed. The results demonstrated that the significant performance of nanogel in cleaning copper coupons without alteration of its morphological appearance and chemical structure was seen. The experimented nanogel was used for cleaning copper ornaments of Coptic linen which is among the collection of archaeological textiles in the Hurghada museum dated to 18 -19th centuries.


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