Hydrothermal Synthesis and Application of Nanocomposite as a Demulsifier in Crude Oil Processing

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1 College of Science - Chemistry department/ University of Thi-Qar/ Iraq.

2 Chemistry department, college of science / marshes research center, University of Thi-Qar, Thi-Qar, Iraq


In the present study, the nanocomposite demulsifiers Fe2O3.B2O3-[TBIP] was used to dehydrate crude oil. A superhydrophilic demulsifier was created by functionalizing nanoparticles with [TBIP] thiadiazole derivative to improve their hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity. The structural characteristics and morphology of the prepared nanodemulsifier were investigated by (FT-IR), 1H-NMR, (XRD), (AFM), (FESEM) and (TEM). A bottle test was also used to assess the performance of the nanodemulsifier. The bottle test results revealed that nanocomposite has the highest nanodemulsifier efficiency , and crude oil reduction was accomplished in 90 minutes. Furthermore, the impacts of temperature and concentration revealed that both elements influence the stability of water in an oil emulsion. The separation efficiency of the prepared nanocomposite Fe2O3.B2O3-TBIP was compared with that of the commercial demulsifier (RP96BQ), used in the oil field and under the same conditions. The demulsification percentage of the prepared nanocomposite was (79.3 %) while the commercial demulsifier reached (86.2 %).


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