Salivary biochemical variables of Liver Function in among Individuals with COVID-19 in Thi-Qar Province

Document Type : Original Article


1 Clinical Biochemistry, Dentistry College, University of Tikrit, Iraq

2 College of Medicine, University of Tikrit

3 Dentistry College, University of Tikrit, Iraq

4 B.Sc. of College of Education, Iraq


The goal of this study was to examine the changes in salivary biochemical markers such as AST, ALT, GGT, albumin, and C-RP in COVD-19 patients (n=50) to control subjects (n=50). Methods: Whole saliva samples were taken from fifty persons who were matched with sex and age and were then divided into two groups: healthy (n = 50) and COVID-19 (n = 50). Student's t-test and the Correlation-Coefficient test were used to determine statistical significance. The data is presented as a mean standard deviation. A spectrophotometric kit was used to quantify salivary AST, AST, ALP GGT, LDH, and albumin levels, while a conventional enzyme-linked immunosorbent test was used to determine CRP amounts. COVID-19 patients had significantly greater salivary levels of AST, AST, ALP GGT, LDH, and C-RP than controls. However, when compared to the control group, salivary albumin levels in COVID-19 patients were considerably lower. Conclusion: Elevated salivary ALP, AST, AST, GGT, and CRP levels in COVID-19 patients suggest salivary gland injury and could serve as a salivary marker for salivary gland involvement in COVID-19.


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