The impact of previously prepared potassium and iron in nano forms using gamma radiation on growth and productivity of green bean

Document Type : Original Article


1 Vegetables Crop Research Dept., Agricultural and Biological Research Division, National Research Centre, Egypt

2 Polymer Chemistry Department-National Center for Radiation Research and Technology-Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority-Egypt

3 Natural Products Research Department- National Center for Radiation Research and Technology- Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority-Egypt


Potassium and iron oxide nanoparticles were prepared via gamma irradiation using PVA and PVP as stabilizers and capping agent to control the size of the particles. HRTEM indicated the formation of potassium and iron oxide nanoparticles within the polymeric network of PVA and PVP with mean sizes 12 nm and 2.38 nm, respectively.
The ultraviolet visible (UV–vis) spectroscopy measurements show a distinct characteristic absorption peak indicating the formation of potassium and iron oxide nanoparticles.
As for the agricultural application, results show that 8 ml /L of nano potassium and 9 ml / L of nano iron oxide scored the highest values of plant length ,number of leaves and branches, total plant fresh weight , dry matter percentage and chlorophyll reading. As for pod yield and its component similar results were obtained for pod characters and total yield per feddan. Also, both concentrations gave higher protein percentage, total soluble solids, potassium and iron content as well as lower fiber percentage than other concentrations.


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