Producing a New Acid Dye and Multifunctional Wool and Nylon Fabrics Using Hydroxyapatite, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide and Magnesium oxide nanoparticles

Document Type : Original Article


Dyeing, Printing and Textile Auxiliaries Department, Textile Research Division, National Research


This study focuses on the synthesis of new acid dye, imparting multifunctional properties, i.e., ultraviolet (UV) blocking as well as antimicrobial properties onto nylon and wool fabrics dyed with a new acid dye (1), through using the properties and applications of inorganic nanostructured materials with good antimicrobial activity, potential self-cleaning, and ultraviolet protection. Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles (Ca10PO4OH) and three other nano metal oxides (titanium dioxide, magnesium oxide, and zinc oxide) were synthesized, prepared and used to treat both wool and nylon fibers with different concentrations using three methods: pre, post treatment, and one bath process. The synthesized new acid dye was characterized by IR, and 1H-NMR. Also, Nanoparticles were examined through transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The effect of the applied metal that subsequently improves the dyeability of the treated fabrics was evaluated. The results demonstrated that the applied nanoparticles exhibited excellent colorfastness properties for wool and nylon fabrics as well as good antibacterial activity, self-cleaning, and high ultraviolet protection.


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