A Review of Size Reduction techniques Using Mechanochemistry Approach

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1 Department of Chemistry, Tafila Technical University, Tafila 66110, Jordan.

2 Teacher Training Institute, Emirates School Establishment, Dubai, 3962, United Arab Emirates



Size reduction is one of the most widely used unit operations in the chemical and allied industries. Comminution is the process of exposing materials to stress through collisions and reducing the size of larger solid units into smaller unit masses. Stress and other impacts are transmitted to the larger unit via the mechanochemical process. Mills and crushers are two of the most commonly used production technologies. The concept of mechanochemical reactions is not new; scientists have been using it for a long time. Even though many various size reduction techniques are available, the knowledge of the qualities of the material to be prepared is the most important factor. As a smart material, size reduction provides benefits like enhanced surface area and the creation of unique slow/control nutrients (drugs, fertilizers, etc.).


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