Study the Effect of Adding MWCNTs on the Hardness, Impact Strength, and Structural Properties of Composite Materials based on Epoxy Polymer

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq


This research focuses on using Multiwalled carbon nanotubes to successfully produce MWCNTs/Epoxy nanocomposite with various MWNT weight loadings (0.25,0.50,1and2 % wt.). The samples were manufactured by utilizing an ultrasonic machine and a solution mixing method (MIT). The characterization, mechanical characteristics, and morphology of the resulting MWCNTs/Epoxy nanocomposites were investigated using FTIR, hardness, impact testing, and FE-SEM. According to the findings, different MWCNT loadings enhanced the mechanical performance of epoxy nanocomposites.Compared to pure epoxy, the impact result of MWCNTs/epoxy nanocomposite was recorded to increase as 33 %, 46 %, 75 %, and 108 %, respectively. Furthermore, increasing the amount of MWCNT nanofillers in nanocomposites samples improved their hardness to be as 0.4% ,2.20% ,2.89%. Finally, the FTIR and FE-SEM were also tested to find the structure of MWCNTs and dispersion quality.


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