New Approaches of utilization Aloe vera in Wet Processing of Textiles.

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Textiles printing, Dyeing, and finishing; faculty of Applied arts; Benha Univ.


The application of aloe vera in textile processing is gaining worldwide detection as one of the hopeful approaches to pollution issues and cost reduction. Aloe vera gel possesses some biological activities and unique properties such as colorless, transparent, and viscosity which meet the using as a printing thickener, mordant, antimicrobial for different fabrics and dyes.
Aloe vera is used in pre-treatment such as scouring, desizing, softening, and printing due to its succulent enzymatic and gummy characteristics. Aloe vera gel also contains a salty substance that allows its use in natural, eco-friendly dyeing. Aloe vera gel also is an alternative to synthetic antimicrobial agents.
This state of art highlights the novel approaches of application of aloe vera in the textile coloration and industry covering both current types of research and pilot application.


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