Potentiality of Palm Fibers As Bio Adsorbent for the Treatment of Ni (II) Ion Polluted Wastewater

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Chemistry Department, College of Science and Arts, Jouf University, Al- Qurayyat, Saudi Arabia.


Palm fibers (PF) was estimated for the discerning removal of nickel (Ni (II)) from wastewater. Laboratory experimental study was carried out to recognize the influence of pH and contact time on adsorption of nickel from an industrial wastewater. The adsorption procedure was obtained to be highest pH dependent, simplifying selective adsorption of metal verified. The height Ni (II) adsorption appeared at an initial concentration of 100 mg.L-1, 1 g doses of PF, and pH = 6. The efficiency of (PF) for nickel removal was approximately 68 % at these conditions. Equilibrium adsorption investigates at room temperature were carried out and matched to Langmuir and Freundlich models. The results revealed that nickel is significantly adsorbed on palm fiber (PF) and it could be cost-effective method for the removal of nickel from wastewater.


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