Spectroscopic Estimation of Cefepime by using Batch, Cloud Point extraction and Flow Injection Analysis methods

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Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University Baghdad, Iraq


The purpose of the study new simple, quick and sensitive spectrophotometric methods for determination of cefepime (CFM) in pure and Pharmaceutical Formulations. The primary amine was converted to an azo-dye coupling in the alkaline medium by 2,6 -dimethylphenol for stable reddish-orange color at a wave length of 515 nm. The concentration ranges 2-50 μg / mL, Beer's law is obeyed, the correlation coefficient, molar absorptivity , detection limit were 0.9996,0.826×104and 0.192 respectively .To estimation the trace concentration of dye used cloud point extraction (CPE) technique , followed by UV-Vis spectrophotometer .Detailed analysis and a series of ideal conditions were carried out on the influence of several parameters, such as surfactant form and volume, salt, temperature and incubation times on the cefepime CPE. The concentration range obeyed the Beer's law was 0.25-10 μg / mL, correlation coefficient was 0.9997, molar absorptivity was 1.169×105 L.mol-1.cm-1, detection limit was 0.027 μg/mL, Pre-concentration factor was 25 and Distribution coefficient(D) was 332.35. A flow injection analysis it’s simple technique for determination the cefepime. The concentration ranges 1-150 μg / mL, Beer's law is obeyed, correlation coefficient was 0.9997, molar absorptivity was 0.341×104L.mol-1.cm-1 and the detection limit was 0.464 μg/mL. For the determination of cefepime in pharmaceutical formulation the methods suggested were successfully used.


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