Synthesis and Characterization of Some Transition Metal Complexes with Bis(o-aminophenyl)Disulfide Alkane Ligands

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1 Senior Laboratory assistant in AL-Mutamyzeen Secondary School Mosul-Iraq

2 Department of chemistry Colloge of science Mosul University


A series of new complexes of the type [M(L)Cl2] and [M(L)]Cl2 where M= Co(II),Ni(II) and Cu(II), L=L1 or L2 {L1= 1,2-Bis(o-aminophenyl)disulfide propane, L2=1,2-Bis(o- aminophenyl)disulfide butane, have been prepared in 1:1 (L:M) and characterized by molar conductance , magnetic moment,FT-IR,1H-NMR , Uv-visible spectra studies and metal content analysis. Conductivity data in DMF and DMSO solution showed that some complexes are non-electrolyte and others are electrolyte .
Magnetic moment and electronic spectra indicate that some of the complexes have a tetrahedral and the others have an square planar environment.


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