Characterization of some active organic compound from Cold and Hot aqueous solvent and Study their Antibiotic of Artemisia herba-alba Asso plant oil

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1 university of anbar

2 مرکز القضاء

3 chemistry, university of al-anbar


This study includes the extraction of volatile oil from the Artemisia herba-alba plant (Asteraceae). Take the plant Artemisia from the city of heet Al-Anbar in Iraq, where the research knew the practical chemical components in the A. herba-alba plant. The cold and hot aqueous solvent extracted from the A. herba-alba plant and the study diagnoses their qualitative components. GC-mass, Thin-layer chromatography (T.L.C) used to isolate some active organic compounds from this oil. Ethyl acetate: Toluene 5: 95% used as mobile phase. The separation technique also used by Column (C.C) chromatography. Study the biological of the oil of A. herba-alba extracted by the cold and hot method, and studied its effect on some bacteria were. Results obtained are that plant A. herba-alba is acidic because it contains many compounds, phenol, resins, flavonoids, alkaloids, and turbines. GC-mass obtained got to show accompanying mixtures, camphor, filifolide A, 1-ethynyl-4-methoxy-4-methyl-2-cyclobuten-1-ol, lineatin, 2-pentanoylfuran, davana ether, caryophyllene oxide, beta-Myrcene, vulgarin, trans-caryophyllene, (2-Ethylhexyl), And bis phthalate are available in the accompanying percent 5%, 6%, 10%, 47.5%, 19%, 18.5%, 6%, 8%, 7.5%, 12.5%, 9%, and 6% separately are available in A. herba-alba oil that extricated by cold aqueous dissolvable. Furthermore, acquired demonstrate that the accompanying mixtures, 2-methyl-4-nitroresorcinol, cis-hydroxydavanone, vulgarin, and dihydroxanthin, are available in the simultaneous percent 4%, 8.25%, 7.25%, 5.75% individually are available in Artemisia oil that extracted by Hot aqueous solvent. T.L.C chromate-gram appears six zones for Cold aqueous solvent extract. Three zones of hot aqueous solvent extract identified and characterized by different spectroscopic methods UV-vis. And Ft-IR. Spectra. Some of the compounds appear six zones for Cold aqueous solvent extract, and three zones hot aqueous solvent extract ethyl acetate: Toluene used as mobile phase. Obtained and diagnosed the separation compound by spectroscopy UV-Vis and Ft-IR spectra. The active organic compounds present in the extract of the A. herba-alba plant have proven to have high biological efficacy against bacteria.


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