Extraction, Isolation and Characterization of Valuable Worked on Acacia Tortilis

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Arts- Sharurah, Najran University, Saudi Arabia


Acacia tortilis is one of the important species of genus Acacia belonging to family Leguminaceae. Though there is no more study performed on this plant but it plays important role in the countries where it found. These countries include North Africa, Arabian Peninsula and Asian countries. The various part of Acacia tortilis plant say leaves, pods, gum exudates and bark were used as antidiabetic, antidiarrhoeal, antiasthmatic and also had several other medicinal benefits. The present discussion deals with the isolation and characterization of the following compounds from the leaves of Acacia tortilis. Lupan-3-ol, 12,20-diene, Lupan-12, 20-dien 3-one, Friedelin, -amyrin, -sitosterol, Apigenin, Luteolin, Quercetin, 5,7-dihydroxy-4-p-methyl benzylisoflavone, Vitexin, 2’,6’-dihydroxy chalcone-4’-O-glucoside.


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