Measurement of Protein Oxidation Levels in Serum of Women with Pregnancy Complications

Document Type : Original Article


University of Kirkuk, college of science, chemistry department


Pregnancy is a physiological state start from fertilization to birth. The pregnant woman is exposed to significant risks of complications that affect mother health and fetus. This is marked by variations of the antioxidant defense system. This study aimed to estimate the activity of serum Ceruloplasmin and levels of some biochemical parameters as markers of oxidative stress in serum of women with pregnancy complications compared to healthy pregnant women as controls and study the correlation between them. This study included 70 serum samples divided into (45) samples as patients with pregnancy complications which are sub-divided to the following groups: preeclampsia, anemia and Abortion and (25) healthy pregnant women group. The results showed non-significant difference in total protein concentration and ceruloplasmin activity in all studied groups except abortion group cleared a significant decrease compared to other groups. The results of the free amino, thiol and carbonyl levels showed non-significant difference in all studied groups while abortion group showed significant decrease in carbonyl levels. The results also showed a non-significant increase in Cu levels in all studied groups except abortion group showed a significant decrease. Finally, levels of Fe cleared non-significant increase in all studied groups except preeclampsia group showed a significant increase compared to other groups.


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