Investigation the adsorption properties of the Iraqi Siliceous Rocks composite towards some heavy metal

Document Type : Original Article


Al-Mustansiriyah University, College of Science, Department of Chemistry


In this study, ion-exchange resin, capable for coordination with metal ions, is seen synthesis and capacity studies. Siliceous rocks was adding in stoichiometric ratio of 5% to the laboratory prepared melamine -formaldehyde resin and a composite of melamine formaldehyde siliceous rocks (MFSR 5%) was obtained. The possibilities of using the synthesized polymer has been investigated for adsorption of model metal ion solution of Cr+6 and Mn+2. UV spectrophotometric technique was finalized for the production of quantitative adsorption data at various contact time, pH and temperature parameters. Equilibrium isotherms for the adsorption of the two metal ions were measured experimentally. Adsorption isotherms have been analyzed by the Freundlich and Langmuir models. In addition, MFSR 5% was compared according to its percent uptake yields of the heavy metals.


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