Efficient Method for Synthesis of New Tetra Substituted Pyrroles Under Catalytic Phosphine

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University of Mosul, College of Science, Department of Chemistry,Mosul,Iraq


The key precursor for the synthesis of the tittle system are an active hetero chalcones (1&2) which reacted with sulfathiazole to afford α-β-unsaturated Schiff bases represented by compounds 4-( (z)-(E)-2,3,5-tri aryl allylidene amino)-N-(thiazole-2-yl) benzene sulfonamide (3&4). The lase one was under went multicomponent witting reaction in presence of acid chloride and tri phenyl phosphine in basic media from tri ethyl amine to afford the substituted pyrrole named 4-(2,3,5-tri aryl-1H-pyrrole-1-yl)-N-(thiazole-2-yl) benzene sulfonamide (5-11).The structure of prepared compounds were determined by the available physical and spectral methods M.P. ,T.L.C , U.V , FT-IR & 1H-NMR


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